Building world-class African data professionals

We are fueling the future of work by providing diverse data talents at scale, bridging the skills gap while equalizing opportunity for all. At Blossom Academy we believe that the technology skills gap fundamentally exists as a result of an opportunity gap. That talent is created equal, but opportunity is not. Everything we do is about closing the opportunity gap. We develop opportunities for those that have the aptitude and attitude to be successful data professionals – and to provide them with the right skills they need to be ready for industry.

Our Mission

To close the Africa tech skills gap through data science bootcamps and dedicated careers support.

We do this by creating a pathway where top talents across Africa with diverse academic backgrounds can build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach their potential as data professionals and leverage those talents and skills to contribute to the global economy.

Our Community

Traditionally, industry and education have existed in separate worlds. At Blossom Academy, we’re bridging this longstanding gap by bringing industry partners, ambitious students, world-class education, and a passionate team under one roof. This is the Blossom Academy community.

Our Values

We are a group of passionate people with wide-ranging passions and aspirations, united by common values which includes Grit, Resourcefulness, Integrity, and Time Management.

Over the next decade, Africa's youth who can communicate and understand data will emerge as the pioneers of radical economic development.

Advisory Team

Bart Poulson


Funmi Duro

Machine Learning Engineer, Spotify

Shingai Manjengwa

CEO, Fireside Analytics

Tian Zheng

Chair, Department of Statistics at Columbia University

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